Meet our September
“I Make A Difference” Team Members!

Meet Tamara!

Tamara is a Cook Helper at Eastman. Here are some of her favorite things:

What is your favorite sports team? - Buffalo Bills (LET'S GO BUFFALO!)
Any favorite hobbies? - Reading
How about your favorite food? - Italian
What was your first job? - Working at McDonalds

Meet Dreama!

Dreama is a Chef for the Faculty Club in Douglass!

Meet Marlon - The Danforth MVP!

Marlon is a Cook1 at Danforth, here are a few fun facts!

What is your favorite sports team? - BILLS MAFIA!!!!!
What is your favorite dish to cook?? - My personal favorite is jerk chicken, but I love to grill just about anything.
Tell us about your pet! - I have two Yorkie’s and their names are King (who is the oldest) and Duchess.
Favorite Hobbies? - I like to fish and being outdoors with my kids.
How about a fun fact? - I love to go to my sons football games! My son plays outside linebacker and running back and at U Prep.

Meet Asia!

Asia is a Cook1 at The Pit in Wilson. Here are a few of her favorite thing:

What always puts a smile on your face? - Journie Love, my daughter. She always puts a smile on my face!
What is your favorite sports team? - The Lakers are my favorite sports team. I have always loved Kobe.
What are your hobbies? - I like to read. I am obsessed with reading. My favorite author is N'Dia Rae.
What is your ideal day? - Easy, Snacks, Spa and a drink.
What is your favorite TV show? - "How To Get Away With Murder"