Meal Plan FAQs

Am I able to add to my Dining Dollars Balance?

Yes. Members are able to add to their Dining Dollars Balance throughout the year. Plan deposits can be made at the Customer Service/ID Office located in the Susan B. Anthony Hall, using cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Deposits may also be made on the web at Guest deposits can be made at (please see instructions for making deposits below).

What if I have Dining Dollars leftover?

At the close of the fall semester, Declining Balances carry forward to the spring semester. Declining Balance funds are not refundable at the end of the fall semester to students who are not returning to campus for the consecutive spring semester; nor are they refundable at the end of the academic year.

How do I use my dining plan?

Your University Identification Card is your dining One Card, your key to the campus. Every student receives one. Since the only access to your account is via your University ID card, it is mandatory that you present your card to the cashier each time you make a purchase with your account. If you do not have your ID card with you at the cash register, alternative payment will be required.  Your ID Card is not transferable.  No one else is permitted to make purchases with your card.

What if I’m sick and can’t make it to a dining location?

Residential Life will provide a written note asking Dining Services to allow a friend of the student to use their ID to get food. This note will allow friends to obtain food/liquids from the River Campus and Eastman dining centers or the House of Six Nations in Strong Memorial Hospital.

May I use my meal plan at the Eastman School of Music and River Campus dining locations?

Yes. Pass plans may be used in Danforth, Douglass, and Eastman Dining Centers.  Dining Dollars are accepted at all dining locations on the River Campus, at the Eastman School of Music and at two locations in the Medical Center.

What if I lose my ID card or it is not working correctly?

If your card is lost, stolen or not working properly, your card on the web at; report it immediately to the Customer Service/ID Office at x53975. If the loss occurs during hours that the Customer Service/ID Office is closed, you should call Security at x53333 and request that they suspend your card. . There is a fee to replace your card.

May I bring a friend to eat with me?

Yes. The Unlimited plans come with 10 bonus meals per semester; the 150 pass plans come with 4 bonus meals per semester.  Dining Dollars may also be used to pay for your guests.

What about my special dietary needs?

With the wide variety of menu items many students find they don’t have to make any special arrangements. If you find this is not the case, see a dining center location manager or contact Dining Services at

How Do I Deposit Dining Dollars and Rocky Bucks Online?

You can add Dining Dollars and Rocky Bucks online by using Please follow the instructions below.

For Students: You’ll need your student ID number

  1. Go to and log in using your net ID and password
  2. Click Services; click Accounts
  3. Click eAccounts within University of Rochester Dining Services box
  4. Click the grey Sign In box. Sign in again with your net ID and password
  5. Click the +Add Money link within either the Dining Dollars or Rocky Bucks box
  6. Complete the payment and billing information and submit

For Parents/Guests: You’ll need your student’s ID number

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click eAccounts within the Guest Deposit Box
  3. Click the box Make a Guest Deposit 
  4. Key in student’s first name, last name, 9 followed by student’s University ID #
  5. Click Contribute. Uros account is the default, use the down arrow to select Dining Dollars
  6. Enter the deposit amount, complete payment and billing information and submit

Where can I use my Rocky Bucks?

Rocky Bucks can be used at all campus dining locations, the bookstore, vending machines, printing services, the post office and several other locations.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Please visit our Contact Us page for assistance with meal plans or questions about dining on campus and we will be happy to assist you!