Rocky Bucks

Introducing “Rocky Bucks”! Formerly known as “URos” these dollars are spendable both on and off campus – and can even earn you discounts. Keep reading below to learn more about where you can spend and how to add them to your account today!

Where can I redeem my Rocky Bucks?
  • All campus dining locations including:
    • Dining Halls: Danforth, Douglass, The Pit, ESM
    • Convenience: Hillside Market, Common Market, Grab & Go, California Rollin
    • Coffee: Starbucks, Connections, Peets, The Brew
    • Medical Center: Café 601, Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters
  • Campus Mail Center for shipping and postal needs
  • Printing and Copying services
  • Vending machines
  • Tickets for events
  • Barnes & Noble Bookstore at College Town (enjoy a 5% discount!)
  • Joy Mart at College Town

Even more locations coming soon!

How do I add Rocky Bucks to my account?
  • Faculty, staff, and students can purchase Rocky Bucks at any time through the individual’s Transact account  ( University employees who do not have a Transact account can sign up using the following link:  Parents can replenish Rocky Bucks through their child’s Transact account—all students are automatically assigned a Transact account as incoming first-year students.
  • Visitors can purchase Rocky Bucks by attaining a Visitor Card from the Transact kiosk outside Danforth dining center in Susan B. Anthony Hall.  Additional kiosks will be installed in the coming months.
How do I use my Rocky Bucks?

Your University Identification Card stores all of your information, swipe at one of the locations above to spend your bucks!

Any questions? Reach out to for more information!